Our Focus

We work with small to medium sized organizations with a need to define their messages and execute an effective marketing strategy. Our focus is on service oriented businesses of all stripes, from financial service providers to golf schools to nonprofit arts groups to one person start-ups.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation

The development of an effective marketing strategy is both a science and an art. At Bendix Marketing we take a holistic approach. Our goal is tailor a plan to fit each clients unique needs.

      We take time to understand your business, your brand, your product or service, your customers and your goals.
      We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a strategy that fits your business goals and budget.
      The final deliverable is customized to fit our client’s needs. It can be as simple as a detailed marketing strategy ready to be implemented by your staff (with or without our coaching) to Bendix Marketing overseeing the implementation of the plan. Our goal is for you to be successful.

Brand Strategy

Marketing strategies and tactics are designed to support and grow your companies brand. Since “brand” is best defined as the sum of personal experiences a client or prospect has with your company, it is important that the brand you envision be in sync with what is experienced. We can help you understand and define your brand and develop programs to assure your brand message is consistent for your customers, prospects, employees and other constituencies.

Virtual Marketing Department

After helping you develop a cost effective marketing and brand strategy Bendix Marketing can help you put your plan into action. From working with your in-house team, to helping you hire an experienced marketing manager, to acting as your marketing department, we’re ready to help. Bendix Marketing works with a network of design, copy, PR, social media, direct marketing and web professionals to help you implement some or all of your strategy. Our goal is to provide whatever level of marketing service your business needs.

Leadership Training

The brand belongs to everyone- Terms such as brand equity, brand promise and brand value are used often today and there is more talk of the importance of managing an organizations brand. Learn how to work branding elements into your planning and management processes so that your company’s unique story, its brand, is common knowledge and consistent throughout your organization.

Getting great work from your creative agencies- This interactive presentation includes easy to implement strategies for:

        Defining your organization’s needs
        Learning how to select the right provider for your specific requirements
        Identifying the decision makers in your organization
        Managing the process–with the agency and your senior leadership
        Building the relationship